About The Artist


I started painting in October 2014, after a series of shamanic meditations. The peace and serenity I found in those moments helped me decide that the time was right to concentrate on my art and I haven’t stopped since!

I put my heart, spirit and soul into my art, which is why I just had to call the collection ‘Delphine’s Art from the Heart’. I have no formal training, but painting is a calling for me and I love to create images that add colour to people’s lives. I find it a very healing experience.

If you have a look through my portfolio, you’ll notice I am particularly drawn to using the bright, vibrant colours found in acrylic inks, although I do sometimes like to use mixed media, especially for my floral collection.

Delphine Bowden
Tarot Card Reading - North Devon

About Me

I am an ex-registered nurse and live on the North Devon Coastline.

My love of nature, animals and people has inspired me to take up my art and I hope that it displays the element of ‘fun’ I aim for. Every piece I make is designed to make you smile.

I also offer tarot and oracle card reading…

My Favourite Subjects

I love painting hares as they have great ears and eyelashes that I can play with. Their eyes are so expressive and their quirky character translates well into my colourful style.

 I am always experimenting with other subjects, but I’ll never stop perfecting my hares!

My ‘Little Rascal’ hare (pictured right) is particularly popular and one of my personal favourites.


Little Rascal Picture - North Devon Art